Company Profile


Regell GmbH is a young and dynamic company that has established itself as one of the most efficient supplier for different industry companies in West and East Europe.


Our expertise in, is how to provide different products are widely used by companies involved in development, construction and manufacturing all over Europe.


Our Business Strategy


We endeavour to establish a relationship based on trust, understanding, transparency and integrity.


High degrees of flexibility to enable us react quickly and efficiently to meet customer’s requirements in rapidly changing market conditions.


Provide the customer only a high-quality and technically ambitious products and solutions, in a timely manner, without complications and at attractive prices.




Established by a groups of hardworking and innovative people, Regell GmbH continues to incorporate new ideas and modernisation efforts such as automation, energy saving and computerization whit drawing simultaneously on the experience, industry knowledge and customer loyalty.




As growing global market demands in sophistication and complexity; the company providing a wider range of equipment and parts. Our warehouse space was increased so that sufficient stocks could be carried out to ensure timely delivery to customers.




With its industry experience, an established business network and entrepreneurial foresight, Regell GmbH is well positioned to take advantage of the additional opportunities expected in the growing infrastructure like development sector in West and East Europe. The company is committed to keeping its leading position in the distribution of high-quality equipment in areas of West and East Europe.


Taking “Best Solutions” as our starting point, we at Regell GmbH are involved in the development of proactive and positive business activities. It is our goal to provide customers best solutions. We will continue to grow as a trading company that provides “best products” and incorporating with “the most innovative” cutting edge technology, experience and information, with excellent coordination skills and global-support systems.


We are the company whose people challenges meets with global diverse and nationalities works with cultural and cross functional progress.


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